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The “Francesco Nicosia” Archeological Museum

Museo Archeologico

Created in 1981 and opened in 1983, thanks to the participation of the City of Carmignano and the Tuscan Superintendant for Archeology and Cultural Heritage, the Artimino Museum was definitively moved in the cellars of the Medici’s Villa “La Ferdinanda”.

The new  museum, inaugurated on March 26, 2011 and entitled to Francesco Nicosia, «father» of Carmignano Archaeology, is immersed in one of the most beautiful landscape in the region and it embodies he ideal starting point to visit the archaeological park of Carmignano.  
The museum illustrates the ancient history of the Etruscan territory of Artimino and the surrounding area displaying artefacts that have been found primarily during fifty years of excavations.  This area, in fact, from the Orientalising period of the Etruscan Civilization (VII century B.C.), had an extraordinary economic and cultural development, thanks to its fertile ground and strategic location close to the meeting point of two rivers, the Pistoiese Ombrone  and Bisenzio in Arno.  This allowed Artimino to control the commercial routes that connected Etruria with Etruria Padana as well as the northern regions of the Italian peninsula.

The museum exhibition, organised according to a topographic and chronological criterion, is distributed on two floors: the upper level is dedicated to the population of the area with  its different settlements  and worship  areas - “The World of the Living“- and it presents the testimonies of the worship buildings and the finds coming from the fortified site in Pietramarina and from the diverse popularised areas in Artimino  The lower level is dedicated to the most interesting aspects of the necropolis and therefore, to  “The World of the Dead”, with priceless grave goods from the tombs in Pratorosello, Grumolo, Grumaggio, and from the necropolises in Comeana with the Tumuli of the Boschetti and Montefortini.  In addition, the tomb of a young man  was reconstructed. He is supposed to be a Warrior, given his goods, provided with different arms and tools of defence.

The Archaelogical Museum organises workshops for children and families, didactic paths for schools and free guided tours.

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Virtual Visits

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 Archaeological Museum Artimino "Francesco Nicosia"

Piazza San Carlo, 3 (Artimino) - 59015 Carmignano (Po)

Phone number
055 8718124
333 9418333 (Bookings for visits and activities)

Opening time
March 1 to October 31
Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday
hours 9:30 to 13:30

Saturday - Sunday and holidays
9.30 - 13.30 / 15:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Closed Wednesday

Nov. 1 to Feb. 28
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
9.30 - 13.30 / 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
From Monday to Friday open on reservation.

The Museum will be closed on public holidays:
January 1, Easter Sunday, May 1 November 1, August 15, 25 and 26 December, 31 January (if it falls on a Sunday).


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