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Etruscan Necropolis in Prato Rosello - Artimino

Prato Rosello

Located in a nice position on the side of the hill of Artimino declining towards The Arno, the necropolis of Prato Rosello, immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, during ancient times it must have looked like an area full of tumuli, still visible for the characteristic hemispheric conformation, as it appears in Tumulus A. Currently, it is possible to see the tumuli A, B, C, X and Z which have given back grave goods datable between the end of the VIII and V centuries BC, exhibited in the Museum of Artimino. 

Tumulus B is circumscribed by a round tambour in sandstone plates. The centre is occupied by a  rectangular chamber tomb preceded by a long passage (dromos) with with a few steps at the entrance. The chamber is made up of horizontally oriented sandstone blocks; a monolith is located in the centre standing and it served to divide the environment and to support the roof .
Next to the chamber it is possible to see the first burial realised in this area at the end of VIII and beginning ot VII centuries BC, and later added to Tumulus B, at the moment of the building of the new tomb. It is a well-tomb, with tree metres of diameter and deepness, externally delimitated by a circular structure of sandstone plates. At the bottom, sealed by a stratification in stones which had protected the burial till today, a chest contained cinerary vase, the vases for the grave banquet, arms which qualified the dead as a warrior.

A chamber tomb is located in the centre of Tumulus C, datable around the last twenty years of the VII century BC. The access was possible thanks to a steep stairs  and a little vestibule. The walls of the cell are realised in big sandstone plates dovetailed according to an already attested technique used in the tomb of the Boschetti in Comeana; a monolith standing in the centre served as a support for the roof, dividing the internal space at the same time. This is the tomb which gave back the splendid incense burner in bucchero with the engraving reminding to Larthuza Kulenie.

About Tumulus Z, it is possible to see the long passage to enter the sepulchral chamber, datable in VII BC. The chamber appear divided by two lithic elements of little dimensions, probable remains of the original roof. The rectangular space of the cell, is in part occupied by a compact foundation.
Tumulus X- still datable around VII century BC- is a little chamber with walls made up of monoliths accurately dovetailed, like in Tumulus C in this necropolis and in the Tomb of the Boschetti in Comeana. Another monolith might have divided the internal space and supported  the roof at the same time.

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 Etruscan Necropolis in Prato Rosello - Artimino

Via Pineta (Artimino) (Prato Rosello) - 59015 Carmignano (PO)

Opening time
Saturday morning from 10:00 to 13:00 reservation at 055 8719741

Every 1st Saturday of the month, free visit by the Archaeological Group Carmignanese, meeting at 10am at the Mound Montefortini Comeana.

Possibility of educational visits Information and reservations at the Archaeological Museum of Artimino (tel. 055 8718124).


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