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Carmignano nel cuore della Toscana
Marrying in Carmignano
Tourist information


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Carmignano is located in a privileged position in the centre of Tuscany. Important art cities like Firenze, Siena, Lucca, Pisa, Arezzo, Pistoia and Prato can be reached in an hour or less.

With its liveable villages and a past which is full of history, it embodies all those values which make Tuscany unique in its genre: that is the cultural heritage with the extraordinary Etruscan tombs in Montefortini, the museums, from the “Archaelogical” in Artimino to the one of “Wine and Grapevine” and the “Museum Park Quinto Martini” in Seano; the Romanesque churches and the Renaissance testimonies with the Villa Medicea in Artimino, Unesco world heritage and its “Barco Reale” game reserve; works of art from different periods, from the “Visitation” by Pontormo, masterpiece of Mannerism, to the contemporary art by Alberto Moretti and Quinto Martini.

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